The New Brew Crew

Simply too old for it. So said I and many an observer as I delivered 62kg kegs at 7pm in Mallaig last summer. Stuart was off to be married in Washington State and we needed to expand the team of brewers to meet the growing demand for our beer. All in all it was time for a change, a time to bring up a new team to help as sales were double those of the previous summer. Charlie Troman, a young ex-soldier currently studying at the WHC and working in The Highland Cinema approached us.

Extraordinarily he had been at the same, rather obscure school in Surrey that Stuart had been to. A keen mountain biker, willing to learn and willing to apply himself, Charlie was really keen to learn the trade and to join us. We have taken him on as our Trainee Brewer. Iain Fyffe, a well known local shinty player and entrepreneur with his own garden table making firm, was looking for a new skill which he could attend to on a part time basis. Iain’s experience working at the Ben Nevis Distillery profoundly in formed his understanding of the processes and he is contributing handsomely to the growth of the business.

Finally, somebody was needed to help get the deliveries out. As demand has grown we are simply needing to get more beer to more places. Ali Fish is an experienced bus driver and delivery expert who knows the area like the back of his hand. A wry, amusing soul he has taken to the role with ease and seems to relish the lugging of many heavy casks. We couldn’t continue to do what we do without this great support team working alongside us.  Cheers to the Brew Crew!

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