What’s in a name….

Our beer is of Lochaber, the enormous open wild area west of the Cairngorms and stretching out to the west coast. We make it here and our beers reflect this place. With a distinct history and particular characteristics, we are proud to use local references to tell the stories of each beer.

Our IPA, ‘Highbridge’, is named after an important local historic landmark, the site of the first engagement of the Jacobite campaign and the highest bridge in General Wade’s endeavours to tame the highlands. Several folk have said to us, that it was tasting the beer and reading the back label that made them aware of the ‘Highbridge’. We love this, that someone buys a beer at the Great Grog wine warehouse, cracks it open in their living room in Leith and learns about our place and our society.

Our other beers are called ‘Dark Mile’, ‘Snowgoose’, ‘Red Revival’ and ‘Glenfinnan Gold’.  Have a closer look next time you buy a bottle and find out more about the story behind the beers.

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